What Is A Witch?

Well, put simply, a Witch is someone who practises Witchcraft. It’s not rocket science. But in today’s world of political correctness and mandatory inclusiveness, Witchcraft is constantly being redefined to suit people who want to be called a Witch. And that’s something that really pisses in the pocket of this traditional Witch.

I was initiated into a Gardnerian Coven in 1995. I became a Second Degree Priestess before the coven disbanded. Even though I am more than proficient enough to run my own coven and fill the role of a High Priestess, I refuse to take that title as I did not earn the degree – plain and simple. I was very active in the pagan community but withdrew from it as time went on and Wicca became mainstream and started to be watered down to target the tween and teen market. With the advent of the internet, almost overnight you had 15 year old HPS (High Priestesses) with wanky names popping up with overbearing webpages filled with jarring colours, rotating pentacles and other OTT animated gifs that took forever to load over 56KB modems. Movies like “The Craft” and “Practical Magic” did Witchcraft no favours either.

Another common misconception is that Witchcraft = Wicca. This is not true. Wicca is a specific religious path that incorporates Witchcraft into its dogma, but one can be any religion and practise Witchcraft. In fact, some of the strongest spells I ever did was whilst I was still a Catholic. I did walk the Wiccan path for some time (15 years) before striking out on my own, but never once have I turned my back on Witchcraft.

The Wicca/Witchcraft “fad” ran its course and was followed by Reiki and other energy healing modules receiving the same intense attention that Witchcraft had received. And so, most Witches went back to doing their thing in relative peace and quiet. But now with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media, the “inspo” memes are doing the rounds and once again, people are redefining a plethora of spiritual paths, including Witchcraft to be “on fleek”, “woke” or some other such shit *rolls eyes* In other words, people are using whatever they can to seem relevant, gaining as many “likes” as they can. And don’t get me started on the “Influencer bloggers”

Bottom line is – you can be spiritually “woke”, a healer, a reiki master, an empath, an ascended master, an Akashic record master, whatever! But if you do not practise Witchcraft – You. Are. Not. A. Witch.


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