I had a friend visit last night and show a side I’ve never seen before. She was just downright mean to me. She just got back from her overseas trip and we’re going on a trip later this year to Europe. She started off by telling me I’m not currently fit enough to do the required walking so I need to get into gear (excuse ME???) and then told me how much I’ll hate the places we’re going to and how we need to do tours to get the best benefit instead of what we’ve planned blah blah blah. I was seething and felt like telling her that I think her 3 hour kayak around Mykynos was not the thing to do on a holiday when you are in pain for the next day but hey, whatever floats your boat I guess.

After she left I felt physically drained and this morning I was really cranky and teary about EVERYTHING. She full on turned psychic vampire on me and sucked all the happiness out of me. I’m wearing my Tiger’s Eye mala beads today and I’m consciously shielding myself from people. It seems to be working as I’m feeling better. But it really pissed me off that she would do that to me. I’m unable to find my black tourmaline which I feel would be perfect in this scenario so I’ll turn my bedroom upside down tonight to find it.

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