So I’ve been struggling a bit lately with how violent many people are being on a day to day basis. All this utter shit to do with the left and right factions, particularly in America in regards to abortion, LGBTQI, immigration, ethnicity, religion etc. physically sickens me. Everyone is condoning violence and harm on everyone else and I literally cannot tell the haters apart anymore. And it’s spilling over to other countries. I REALLY wish I could stop the world and get off. I don’t want anything to do with most people anymore.

It really go to me this morning, so on my lunch break, I sat on my couch in the sunshine, set a meditation timer for 20 minutes and just did some mala chanting. I started out with two rounds of Om Mani Padme Hum then the rest of the time I chanted The Green Tara MantraI kept this up for the full 20 minutes, at times almost falling asleep with the rhythm of the chanting. At the end however, I found myself calmer, centred and able to get back to my work with no feelings of annoyance, anger or despair.

I think I will just do regular resets during the day, regardless of what’s going on so the bigger issues I can’t control, don’t get me down so much.

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