Sometimes I Spell Witch With A “B”

I’m feeling very restless lately. Sometimes I’d love nothing more than to cast a blanket spell to get rid of any misinformation, people disseminating misinformation and any Llewellyn Books authors from existence. I am so frustrated with the amount of wannabes and clueless “teachers” out there bastardising Witchcraft. I’m almost tempted to go back to teaching myself, then I remember the stress and bullshit I dealt with over 20 years ago and I just know I’m too old and blunt to deal with that now.

I’m also a bit more “narrow” in my views of Witchcraft. I have no time for UPG (Unverified Personal Gnosis), fluffbunny opinions or people who are playing at being Witches who have no clue. I am not interested in being a teacher anymore. If I’m going to discuss Witchcraft, spells, workings, circle castings, calling quarters etc, I only want to have those conversations with people who know their shit and practise Witchcraft seriously, not dabblers, tyre kickers or “student Witches” (all theory, no practise). I also don’t believe in diluting Witchcraft with non-Witchcraft elements. I’m a puritan and I make no apologies for this.

I’m a second degree Witch. I have been initiated as tradition has long dictated, till the fluffbunnies took a hold of Witchcraft during the Wicca revival of the 90’s and got butt hurt when they couldn’t find anyone to initiate them. Then self-dedication became all the rage (thanks $ilver Ravenwolf). Self-dedication is fine, but it is not the same as an initiation, so please don’t tell me to accept it as such.

I had hoped we wouldn’t experience a revival like the 90’s. I can’t be civil this time round. I accept (and hope) that we will get genuine seekers and Witches come through from it, I just hope they can navigate the bullshit without getting bogged down too much.

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