A Rant

This crone shakes her head in frustration at how ignorant the “woke AF” Pagan crowd really are.

I’ve been a Witch – a REAL Witch, not the faux fluff bunny types in the movies – for almost 30 years. I’ve seen all the trends and fads come and go. Witchcraft is NOT all “light and love”, peace love and mung beans. Witchcraft is NOT a pure, unadulterated path, NO Pagan path is and if you think it is, frankly, you’re dreaming. When I started out all those years ago, we were encouraged to share knowledge with each other and learn from each other. Nowadays, the “woke AF” crowd are telling us this is cultural appropriation and we need to basically fuck back off to our roots, stay in our lanes and shut the fuck up. Oh and sorry white people, apparently you have no culture so sucks to be you ðŸ™„🙄🙄 Except newsflash dumbarses, white people _DO_ have a Pagan culture. Druidism, Asatru, even Wicca – all “teh whites” cutural background. Everytime you practise Halloween (Celtic and Wiccan New Year)- white cultural appropriation, Easter (Norse Goddess Eostre and Wiccan Sabbat Ostara) – white cultural appropriation, Yule/St Nick (Wiccan and Norse festival) – white cultural appropriation. Sounds ludicrous doesn’t it, since Christianity co-opted Easter and Yule and EVERYONE celebrates Halloween? But that’s kind of my point.

To all Pagans out there who are so woke AF that all they do is tell others what NOT to do because it’s cultural appropriation, how about YOU check yourselves, stay in YOUR lanes and just STFU? Maybe then you will actually find time to DO some Witchcraft for a change.

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